about me

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Well, hello there!

My name is Kristy Tayler, and I am a Midwest-based photographer. I currently live in Franklin, WI with my husband, Joe, and our three crazy kiddos, Annabelle, Thomas, and Lil’ Joe. I have been dabbling in photography all my life, but decided to pursue it more seriously starting in 2010 when I bought my first DSLR. My initial voyage with that beautiful beast was a local rock concert on a boat cruising the lovely (yet choppy) Lake Michigan. After that night I knew I did not want to be doing anything else. The more I took and posted photos, the more inquiries I received about photographing bands, friends, family, and soon all sorts of strangers! It is truly a deep passion of mine to capture those unseen, not-so-planned moments, whether it be a guitarist losing himself in a song, or a loving snuggle between a mother and child. And I would be honored to be the person to document those moments for you.